Hotfix Earth.

Hotfix Earth Inc. is a non-profit corporation focusing on environmental sustainability and a symbiotic relationship with the environment.  We believe in helping to create a future with ample clean energy, food, and water through renewable practices and recycling so that we do not have to choose between progress and sustainability.  We feel that we hold a responsibility as stewards of the planet, not just to reduce our harmful effects on it, but to learn to live and thrive with it.

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Sponsor a renewable future.

We are a Non-Profit Corporation for gamers who want to help create a sustainable future of green cities with ample clean energy, water, and natural habitats.
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  • The Water Professionals
  • What is Hotfix Earth?

Please enjoy getting to know us through our videos “The Water Professionals” and “What is Hotfix Earth”.

We carry out our mission though impactful programs, where even small projects can make a big difference in our future. You can join our efforts to build a better environmental future through helping us to fund the Water Professionals Program, to bring Solar powered Aquaponics Labs to schools, and through Urban Greening with outdoor garden classrooms in schoolyards.
Hotfix Earth, Gamer Environmentalism!

“It’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday.”
― John Guare

Gamer Environmentalism – we’re building a better future!

As gamers, we tend to use a lot of energy. What we do here at Hotfix Earth gives you chance to be part of a movement for change. We don’t ask you to use less energy, we want to change the way we get it. We’re working to help create a better future powered on renewable and sustainable energy sources so that we don’t have to choose between technological progress, and environmental sustainability. We believe that progress should mean more energy, cleaner water, and healthier cities with more, not less, innovation and convenience. Help us make this better future a reality, one Hotfix at a time!


Improving the use of renewable energy, like Solar and Wind, is critical to building a healthy future.


We need fresh water to drink, grow food, and create energy. Our resources are dwindling, and we need to manage them better.

Sustainability Education

We believe that one of the best ways to create a meaningful environmental improvement is to help inspire & educate kids.

Solar Aquaponics Labs in Schools

Education is one of the best ways to create meaningful change for the future. An aquaponics laboratory in a science class room can make alternative energy and sustainable agriculture both understandable and real, as kids will get a chance to grow fish and vegetables with these self sufficient, solar powered laboratories.

The Water Professionals Program

As our fresh water resources dwindle, creating leaders who can manage our water supplies is becoming critical to a sustainable future. By helping to bring students from water distressed countries and states from all over the world to the Florida Earth & UNESCO-IHE program, we’re working to create leaders who can not only address immediate water crisis issues, but also help to solve the underlying problems.

Urban Greening

Bringing nature back into into our the cities is an important part of revitalizing our eco systems.  We think that improving schoolyards by trading empty fields and concrete for micro forests and garden classrooms is the best place to start.

Redefining Sustainability

Innovation and technological progress is the path to a sustainable future. Moving forward means adapting our cities and industry to less destructive designs, but it also means that we need to take an active role in helping natural systems adapt and co-exist with our influence.