Our Mission

A very basic explanation of what we do is:

1) We’re improving the way we manage our water.

2) We’re changing the way we get our energy.

3) We’re taking better care of the plants and animals that we share the world with.
We do this in the most meaningful ways to create big changes on a small budget- which is by improving access to some of the world’s best training for professionals and creating both educational inspirational opportunities for younger students.


Hotfix Earth Inc. is a non-profit organization focusing on environmental sustainability and a symbiotic relationship with the environment.  We believe in a helping to create a future with ample clean energy, food, and water through renewable practices and recycling so that we do not have to choose between progress and sustainability.  We feel that we hold a responsibility as stewards of the planet, not just to reduce our harmful effects on it, but to learn to live and thrive with it.

We recognize the slow, lumbering, pace of environmental technology adaptation and policy change.  It’s easy for large amounts of money to get invested in huge projects with very little impact.  So instead, we focus on projects where even little donations can make a big difference.

Our mission is to create small, but quick and meaningful changes that will immediately help to shape a better tomorrow…. environmental “hotfixes”.

Energy Sustainability

Improving our usage and technologies for renewable energies, is the key to achieving a progressive and sustainable future.  By bringing these technologies into classrooms where students can get hands on experience with them, we change the perception of these innovations from the hypothetical, into the real and possible.

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Water Sustainability

As our fresh water sources dwindle, becoming depleted through modern production, pollution and agriculture, we need to adapt our systems and technologies to prevent crisis.

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Symbiotic Integration

Our projects strive to change the way that we look at environmental sustainability.  Our platform is about the integration of our production and communities to live “symbiotically” with the eco systems which surround us, addressing our own progressive needs while learning how to insure that the resources, plants, and creatures around us will remain plentiful and healthy for generations to come.

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We feel that the best way to make meaningful environmental changes happen with even a small budget, is through education.  We do this in two ways, by being a voice for far reaching global projects, and by implementing targeted local programs which we design and carry out ourselves.

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