Financial Questions

Can I choose which project my money goes to?

Yes, but you have to let us know when you make the donation.

How are donations split between projects?

We have an agreement with where at least 20% of our general donations are always designated to go to the UNESCO-IHE/Florida Earth/Hotfix Earth Water Professionals Program. The remaining portion of the donations goes to whichever project is most in need of the funds based on the impact the funds will make towards project completion.

How much do you pay your employees?

At the moment none of us take a salary. If we ever reach the point where this can become an actual job for any of us, it would be within strict guidelines set by an independent financial compensation committee.

Where does the money go?

1/5th of everything we get goes to the Water Professional Programs, which we’ve partnered with UNESCO-IHE with to help bring graduate students and professionals from places with serious water problems around the world to help get them some of the best water management training in the world which they can then take back to their home countries and states to use to help fix their water problems there. This is our immediate and direct impact.

The other 4/5 of our budget goes to projects we make happen ourselves. The small solar aquaponics sustainability labs are the easiest of these to make happen, because they come at relatively low price tag. They’re also totally awesome, kids, parents, teachers all love them. These labs help younger kids relate to what things like “symbiotic environmentalism” and “environmental sustainability” mean in real, tangible ways. We hope that these labs help to get kids involved symbiotic environmentalism and to inspire fresh minds to help us seek out new and innovative solutions to growing problems. This is our intimidate, indirect impact. If a donor raises at least $1000.00 for our cause we will attempt to place one of these labs in the school of their choice.

In addition to the small aquaponics labs, we have two other large projects we are working to fund, the large solar aquaponic sustainability labs for High Schools, and the schoolyard greening. These projects require a much larger budget, as well as much more planning and execution time. The portion of donations that are not distributed to the Water Professionals program or used to put micro systems in schools is pooled with the funds from our grant applications for these projects and goes towards making these projects happen. These projects both inspire students and give them hands on experience with these new kinds environmental sustainability systems, which can lead to job opportunities and scholarships after graduation. This is our longer term indirect and direct impact.

Doing the majority of these programs ourselves means that we can stay lean on administrative and operating costs, so that most of our donation funds go to projects, not the system of making them happen.


Can I choose to fundraise for a particular project?

Yes, but you need to let us know in advance which project you are fundraising for either through your fundraising page or by contacting us.

Can I fundraise to put a micro sustainability lab in a particular school?

Yes! If you raise at least $1000 we will try and bring one of these labs to the school of your choice, but you need to let us know in advance either by your fundraising page or contacting us which school you want the lab donated to and provide us the contact information for that school. Keep in mind that the school also needs to be willing and able to accept the system. If we are unable to donate the lab to the school of your choice we will contact you and attempt to donate it to an alternative school, else the raised funds will be distributed generally to other projects as needed.

How do I get a T-shirt?

If you raise at least $500, we will send you a Hotfix Earth T-Shirt as a thank you, and welcome to our team of Gamer Environmentalists!

I donated after collecting funds through my personal PayPal but had a charge back, can you help me?

Well that sucks! We encourage everyone to use our fundraising system instead of their personal Paypal to avoid this problem, but we will do our best to help you. Please contact us through our contact page for help with this kind of issue.

Project Applications

How can my school apply as a recipient for one of your projects?

Send us a request through our contact page with the type of project you are interested in, the name of your school, the location of your school, and the contact information for the staff member there who be the liaison for the project.

How do you choose where to place your projects?

The Water Professionals program runs through UNESCO-IHE, which has a very competitive application procedure, our other programs are based on need and project viability. Our micro sustainability labs can be shipped globally, so please don’t be afraid to ask if you think this might be a great fit for your school and students!