How we are different

We are symbiotic environmentalists.

Our philosophy:

We need more energy, not less usage. We need to get it from better, renewable, sources.

We to use our water better, and we need to accept the practices of recycling and cleaning it, so that it’s availability can meet our needs.

It is our responsibility to integrate with nature by adapting ourselves to it, and it to us, in ways that are mutually beneficial.

We are gamers.

Here at Hotfix Earth, we are also gamers. We are looking for ways that we can keep gaming into the future, and keep enjoying all the technology that goes with it, while still looking out for the Earth.

Gaming innovation realistically means new and bigger systems, hardware upgrades, and new peripherals. More energy, and more water being used to make it all. We want to enjoy a technological future that can support the gaming community without having to feel guilty about what we love to do. This future is within our grasp. Many of the technologies that we need to make it a reality exist today, but are not being utilized, invested in, or developed properly. We want to help change that. You can help us change it too.

We work with projects where even small donations can make a big difference.

Your donations go to real, impactful projects, where just a little help can produce big results. Education, innovation, awareness, and fundamental change.  What we’re doing is not going to change the world overnight, but it will plant the seeds for a much greener, healthier tomorrow. Little seeds grow into big trees, and big trees planted in the right places, can change the world.

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