Danny Sanchez – President/Executive Director

Daniel “Danny” Sanchez is a J.D. Graduate from St. Thomas University School of Law with a Certification in Environmental Justice. He’s also a life long competitive gamer, who remembers the old days of putting quarters up on arcade screens. He does a lot of PC gaming, playing everything from FPS games to MMORPGs, he also plays a few of the genre defining titles on Xbox and PS4 when they don’t cross over.

Brian Lemley – Vice President

Brian is an Army combat veteran and student of Agriculture. He grows much of his own food in the local garden he established. Brian is also an avid and competitive gamer. Although he plays all genre of games and cross platform, his current passion is Heroes of the Storm.

  • Email: admin@hotfixearth.org

Annie Mac’Kie – Project Manager

Annie is a graduate student studying Predictive Analytics at Northwestern University, and has a background in Psychology, Sociology, and Forensic Analysis. She prefers console gaming, and her games of choice are the GTA series. When Annie isn’t studying, gaming, or working to help create a better environmental future, she also loves to do outdoor sports and yoga.

Keith Rizzardi – Director

Keith W. Rizzardi earned board certification from The Florida Bar in State & Federal Administrative Practice, serves as chair of the U.S. Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee, and twice chaired The Florida Bar Government Lawyer Section. A former U.S. Department of Justice trial attorney in the Environmental and Natural Resources Division, Mr. Rizzardi also spent 11 years working on the Everglades restoration at the South Florida Water Management District, including nearly four years as a managing attorney. His areas of scholarship include administrative law, environmental law and the professionalism movement. Once an avid EverQuest player, he teaches the ethics course at St. Thomas Law and often uses World of Warcraft in one of his example situations for the students.