What is a “Hotfix”?

What is a Hotfix?

A “hotfix” sometimes also referred to as a “Quick Fix Engineering (QFE)” update, is a single, cumulative package which includes information that is used to address a problem in a software product.

“Hotfix” is a term that usually applies to quick but important changes which are often being applied to live or “hot” systems; that is, applications and servers that are up and running, without taking them down for a planned and scheduled patch.

We see Hotfixes all the time in our favorite games and applications, when developers catch a nasty bug that can’t wait to be fixed, or when they can make a small quick change to stop something going wrong with the game from crashing our fun, or even to prevent something from being exploited in ways that can ruin the game’s systems long into the future.

Here at Hotfix Earth, we’re running campaigns and projects which are also looking to make quick but important changes.  We just do it a little differently.  Our goal is to make “Hotfixes” to an ecological, social, and environmental system that is also up, running, and in every meaning of the word, live.




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